29 October 2009

House Hunting

I took two weeks off to relax and go house hunting. If anyone hears of good bargains in Lisbon, shoot me an e-mail.

23 October 2009

Asthmatics in Lamborghinis

Last night, I was watching tv when I stumbled across TOP GEAR. Man, I haven’t seen that program in a while!

10 minutes in, they start talking about the new Lamborghini and the tall man, the one with giant legs and curly hair used one of the best metaphors I have ever heard! He said that the air conditioning of the [previously released] Lamborghinis was like “an asthmatic breathing at you through a straw”. GENIOUS!

I can’t actually remember the correct phrase – to you, at you ? - but the “asthmatic breaking through a straw” was brilliant, right?

Hungry Hippos

An amazing video with photographs of the feeding time in the Lisbon Zoo. A must see, here.

Ok, the hippos are not in the video, but the name is funny.

14 October 2009

Genius in a Bottle

Genious in a bottle!
In Portuguese here.
In English here.

13 October 2009

Personal Questionnaire on VF

Vanity Fair Magazine (VF) has this amazing Proust Questionnaire they publish on-line once a month. It’s a very nice questionnaire that VF asks one public figure every month – movie stars, actors, politicians, painters, writers, scientists… you name it. Go here for more information on the Questionnaire.

Now, they made it even cooler: you can answer the Questionnaire yourself! If done already and it was really funny to be able to answer the same questions that Carolina Herrera, Dustin Hoffman or Tony Curtis.

You can easily access it here. Enjoy!

11 October 2009


It's been a while since I posted any picts. So here are a few more (from July), colourfull and funny graffities.

I haven't been out taking pictures recently. It'sprobably because of the heat, the demoralising heat! But the weather is starting the chil and I think I will be hitting the streets soon!

2 October 2009

Spanish rain


It looks like this weekend the rain will not remain mainly in the plain or in Spain!