26 February 2010

Shoulderblades' Pain

I've been working hard at the office and home, too.

I am currently translating chapters for a wine/tourism guide on my free time, even though it's been scarce, lately.

Now, friday at 10.14 p.m., my feet ache and my eyes and my shoulderblades also hurt. Funny place to have pain.

And, right now, out of nowhere, I just thought of an interesting and very true quote from a book I read: "the comfort of ignorance". It's from Alan Hollinghurst's The Swimming Pool Library. (yes, my book cover is exactly like that one, but with the Portuguese title).

And now, also out of the blue, I feel like writting a John Keat's dirty poem. Maybe later.

18 February 2010

Oepidus Rex and Myself

Guess who just bought theatre tickets for Rei Épido (Oepidus Rex) which premiered today and is already almost completely sold out by a mere 7,5€??


The play runs from today, February 18th through March 28th. Like most plays in Lisbon, it starts extremely late during the weekdays (9.30 p.m.) and I have a life, so I can’t go at that hour. Instead I have to attend the matinee on Sunday at 4 p.m..

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining! No one is forcing me to do to the theatre (on the contrary I ADORE the stage) and I love to sit next to all those old ladies with nice perfumes and furs (they make me feel so young...!) and 30-something couples who also have a life and, therefore, cannot attend the theatre during weekdays.

This theatre, like many others in Lisbon, have a lower price for students or people under the age of 30. In S. Luiz Theatre, I pay 5 € per play and I get to sit on the second stall (I don’t know if this is the correct word. I am talking about the seats in front of the stage, the good ones)! Anther theatre I also like has 30-40% off on ticket prices for students and people under 30.
Ifyou're in Lisbon, I recommend this play. Reviews here, here and here. They are all in Portuguese, sorry.

Can’t wait for the 7th March – the first date with 7,5€ tickets available.

4 February 2010

Jelly update

A few days ago I’ve made strawberry jelly but this time, I prepared everything on a table near the fridge. So I wouldn’t make any mistakes.


Full story here.

1 February 2010

Mad Men No More

The last episode of Mad Men Season 2 aired Friday night!
What am I doing to long for, now? Brothers and Sisters? They are good, great indeed, but no offense, they are not better than Mad Men. What now?!