23 November 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town

Christmas is coming and, as usual, people go crazy thinking of what to buy other people. After 8-hours of daily work, some people still manage to drag themselves to mall and whatnots to buy Christmas gifts.

However, it is a good idea to know in advance what is it that you are going to buy, otherwise when you drag yourself aimlessly through the stores you’ll fell like screaming at the woman in front of you carrying 5 different bags that has just (accidentally) hit you with one of them as she rushs through the book store.

So, this year, here’s a tip: PLAN AHEAD.

The wind doesn’t seem to inviting? The idea of having your feet and the bottom of your trousers wet doesn’t charm you? No? So here’s tip # 2: STAY HOME. Go on-line and browse through some of the Christmas suggestions that The New York Times, New York Magazine or FNAC have for you. Use the ideas they have and adapt them so you liking.

And to kick off the Christmas season in a good spirit, here are some of my suggestions for possible Christmas gifts you can give (me or other people): books, umbrellas, socks, trips, massages, a day at the spa, iPods, Mad Men Season 1 DVD, magazine subscription, Photoshop, new cell phone, gift cards, car, house, pets, gloves, funny handkerchiefs, cooking utensils, IKEA vouchers, theatre tickets, cookbooks, bracelets, Jimmy Choo’s, sunny weather, jumping ropes, photography books, key chains, mugs, chocolates, bookends, hair pins, place mats, shower gels, false eyelashes, board games, flowers, hair dryers, lipsticks, comfy slippers, Nespresso coffe machines,... get the idea?


sunshine said...

planning is not a bad idea, both for saving time and money. I love all the great tips of yours. Another possible gift is like an experience or something that the receiver of the gift can share with you; skydiving perhaps?

Sara said...

thanks for the comment, sunshine! regarding skydiving... maybe... i've never done it, but it could be fun. something radical or funky would also be welcome.