30 March 2009

Exhibited Photographer (?!)

(when an author publishes a book, he is a 'published author'. When a photographer - even an amateur one such as myself - has an exhibiton of their photos they are an 'exhibited photographer'?)


On Saturday, I received an e-mail from Hugo, a friend of mine living in Salamanca (Spain) and fellow blogger, asking me if I wanted to exhibit some of my photos there!


From what I could gather, there are going to be several activities under the same subject. Hugo asked me for pictures regarding "immigrants", "multiculturalism" and "documentary". I only have a few with people - I do mostly details or buildings - so I think I now might have to go and extend my portfolio (or create one). He wants about 10 to 15 pictures with people in the streets, showing the culture, and stuff like that. More, he alreday named the exhibition. "Gentes en Lisboa" (People in Lisbon)! I better step up my game!
The one bellow, however, has to be included because I LOVE IT.

(© Sara Rodrigues Pereira)

"Funny" story: The man with a black coat and hat, with his arm raised - a homeless - started insulting and threatening me. I snaped the picture and left. Really fast.

"Gentes en Lisboa", by Sara Rodrigues Pereira, May 11 to 30, Salamanca, Las Caballerizas (The Stables) - it's in the university's cafeteria, an old stable, hence the name.


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Wow, that is such good news for you sara! I love this picture of Lisbon (?) - The building in the back looks epic.

Good luck with photographing some interesting people/depicting culture I am sure it is going to be awesome!

Sara said...

Thank you! Really great news.

The picture is indeed of Lisbon.

Hugo Milhanas Machado said...

Let's wait those deep views over Lisbon people!

Just like Tziga Vertov' "The man with the movie camera".


Sara said...

I have already been experimenting... More ver the weekend.

Sara said...

More OVER the weekend