6 June 2009

Salamanca woman (charra)

I told you I had an artistic photo taken in Salamanca. This is it.

I took this one in the Cathedral and, once again, I had to follow my subject around. I spotted her when I went in and immediatly noticed that she was walking very slowly and with difficulty. The day before I had noticed that there was set of candle shedding very little light over a corner of the cathedral and thought "Hum... I wonder what she would look like near the candles."

Originaly, I wanted the picture to be in colours, but after a miute or two after walking in, I got distracted and lost her. So I had to track her down and my the time she was near the candles it was too late to set the camera back to colours (I had set the camera for black and white). So this is her.

This is also one of my all-time favourites because the woman sees tiny.


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

This one is AMAZING!
It could well be a cinematic still. Very very nice!

Sara said...

Amazing or Awesome? Thanks. I think the light makes it look magic.

Hugo Milhanas Machado said...

Indeed. Good "charro" job.

Sara said...

Gracias. No smoking, though.