13 January 2010

I want to wash my sheets

I am tired. All the time.

I have divorced parents and my stepmother is also divorced. Our parents – 4 – have shared custody (of us…?!) and we alternate weekends. One weekend with dad and another with mom, and Monday and Tuesday, so we can have dinner with them.

You can imagine the amount of stuff I have to carry around between the two houses. The good thing about this is that it made me more organised and quicker, but taht's it. Also spending time with my parents, of course, but the energy I put into the constante house swapping is indescribable. My stepbrothers don't feel all the preassure because their mommy drives them to daddy's house, so they don't take the bus!

I do have some clothes over at my mother’s, but some things I have to carry with me: hair brush (having 2 of the same thing is a waste; this rule does not apply to clothes or underwear! or DVD), gloves, umbrella, trousers, t-shirts, sweaters, Tupperwares with my lunch, keys, … a never ending list of things to carry along through Greater Lisbon’s public transportation network.

Other things depend on the weather forecast and of how much will I be comfortable carrying around. These include laptop, camera (usually goes), mp3 player, charger for the just mentioned items, 2 or 3 DVD to watch (just the DVD on those cake boxes, not the individual DVD boxes, I’m not that crazy)… you get the idea. I always carry a book to read during the public transportation "travel period", but the book I am now reading is 400 pages! (I can only imagine what it will be like when I decide to read Bolaño's"2666").

One of the worst things is that I have to pack everything beforehand, usually the night before so that the next day, when I go to work, I already have everything with me and can go straight from work to the house of choice. I have to think about the clothes I have at my mothers' and at my dad's so I can come up with some kind of work apropriate attire and pack the necessary stuff - I am to tired to call them clothes. Socks and underwear, I have at mothers, and some shoes too, but somehow they are never the right ones.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention that my parents live on opposite sides of the city and work is on another side. If it where a clock, dad’s house would be at 12, work at 2 or 3 and mom’s at 7 or 8. And it takes me 1 hour to get from my dad’s house to work and around 45 minutes to my mothers’, whether from dad’s or work. Fuuuuuun!

Lately, we have been swapping them like crazy. I can’t even tell where I have to go when I get off work. After spending 2 weekends with mom – but not the week days! – I came home today to find out that my stepbrothers’ father wants to swap weekends again! Son of a witch with a B! Seriously, only today do people tell me!

You will understand my frustration if you think that yesterday I had to pack everything on my school shoulder bag – wheelie bags are not good – drag it to work, work for 8 hours, drag the bad again for 1 hour to my dads’ and them get here to realise that I was going to spend next weekend at my mothers’. WHERE I JUST CAME FROM!

Now, tomorrow after work, I must pack all my shit again so that on Friday, after work, I can go to my mothers’. Don’t forget all the dragging!!!

I feel I no longer have time to do nice things during the week days. I don’t have time to post nice and funny things on the blog, to take pictures, go to a book store (I get off work at 6, am home by 7 and I still have to cook dinner most nights), my hair is a mess, it seriously needs a hair cut and I can’t remember the last time I washed my sheets. Honest.

I am seriously considering cutting my own hair, which would be disastrous.


Ana Oliveira said...

Don't cut your hair, it would be a waste!

And you have my invisible hug if you need it. I know it won't make things go away, but it's support.

Carolina said...

Ainda continuas a saltar de poiso em poiso? Porque não te decides logo por uma das casas e ficas lá de vez? E aos fins-de-semana vais visitar o abandonado...
Também de deixo um abraço invisível como o da Ana.

Sara said...

vou cortar o cabelo amanhã. Só que ainda não sei como...

Obrigada pelos abraços. são muito preci(o)sos