6 January 2010

New Year’s Eve

I still want to post the Christmas gifts I got, but I still have to either take or find pictures of them. So until then, here are some pictures taken by yours truly on my NYE. Or part of it.

I had a lovely dinner at my godparents house and after, we headed to Belém, for the Midnight Fireworks and Concert. I don’t have any pictures of the firework because I was too busy drinking French champagne and eating 12 raisins all at once. At the stroke of midnight, it starts to rain! Super! I had to prtect my hair from the rain, or I would turn into Diana Ross. Really. I will save you all months of therapy and will not post any pictures of myself, otherwise you would only lok at my freaky hair. Oh well.

GNR’s concert was late, as is usual in this country of mine. People in Belém, in Lisbon, where the concert was held – where getting cold, sleepy and impatient. They could see smoke and lihts on stage, but no band members.

Finally, they appeared! People cheer and clapped. GNR!

They had these cool loop-motion images on the background playing during some songs. The men with bell bottoms… groovy!

After a few maybe 20 minutes of concert, it started to rain. Boo hoo! GNR continued to rock on, even though most of the band members were approaching their 50s (GNR where pretty famous during my parents time, in the 80s-90s).

Cool lights, smoke and music.

The concert ended close to 2 a.m. Then we walked back to the car in the cold. I got home by 3 a.m., to bed by 4.a.m. and the next day I woke up at 1 p.m. Busy bee!

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