13 May 2009

1 to Sal.

1 more day before taking a train to Salamanca! I am super happy and excited. Apart from the 7-hour train ride part.

I'll be staying for 2 days and two days ago, I realized that I'll be there during party days: friday and saturday. Better yet, viernes and sábado. I'll be taking the train back to Lisbon on sunday (domingo) at 5 in the morning.

Lots of pictures will be taken, I am sure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara! What a surprise to know that you have an exhibition in Salamanca and a newspaper article about it!BIG THING! I am very proud of you!
I wish you a great short trip and I am looking forward to know how was it!
Big hug from your sis,

Sara said...


Vou colocar coisas sobre a viagem esta semana.