28 May 2009

Salamanca Exhibition # 2

30 Março 2009 - Napping
I took this picture in Lisbon, near the S. Carlos National Theatre. This old man was probably taking a nap as it was after lunch and I took the opportunity to snap a picture. There was a foreign couple sitting on a bench next to him who saw me taking the picture and were always pointing at me and whispering. I didn't hear what they were saying, but I didn't need.
On the background you see a statue of a man with a book instead of a head. That is Fernando Pessoa, famous Portuguese poet, although in real life he did have a head. It was built to comemorate the100 years of his birth (I think) and placed in this square because he lived for a very long time on the building behind it (windows with varandas).


Jack Daniel said...

Interesting picture. Very sneaky. Haha.

Sara said...

Thank you. I am now realising that sneaky pictures seems to be bemoming my trademark.