22 May 2009

Salamanca's Cathedral

While I was in Salamanca, I took more than 300 pictures. Which is a normal amount, for me . Of all of these, I’ll probably end up with 20 good ones.

One of the most beautiful building there, in my opinion, is the Cathedral. It took them close to 200 years to finish and then, one they were done, they rebuilt it. So now there is the Old Cathedral and the New Cathedral, all in one.

(© Sara Rodrigues Pereira-16 Maio 2009)

I took this picture in sepia because it just looked so beautiful and I wanted to make it look like an old pictures (minus the modern day looking people right at the bottom…)

The Cathedral is not big, it’s huge and recently it underwent some construction works and someone (Hugo told me “a man”) decided to include something bizarre near the door. Can you see?

(© Sara Rodrigues Pereira-16 Maio 2009)

No? How about now?

(© Sara Rodrigues Pereira - 15 Maio 2009)

As you can see, there is an astronaut on the façade. Iup, an astronaut. Leave it to men do think of something like that!

(I also have a very artistic picture of an old lady I followed inside the cathedral, but that will come later.)

(© Sara Rodrigues Pereira- 15 Maio 2009 - Cathedral seen from the roman bridge)


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