27 May 2009

Colombo's drawings

This is amazing!

I usually read the mazagine The New Yorker online and I noticed that this week's cover was amazing. No, not amazing, fantabulistic!

And now, after a little surfing trip through Blogtailors, they reported that the cover was made by a Portuguese artist, Jorge Colombo, ... on his iphone. I, too, am a little bit fed up with all the Apple frenzy, bu this cover is amaz... fantabulistic.

I may not be an art specialist, but the cover is AWESOME!

You can go here for his home page, and here you can read an article on him and his cover on a Portuguese newspaper.

Update 28 May: Here, is the The New Yorker's page with Colombo's video, drawing the picture.


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

I totally agree. This cover is striking, but I often like The New Yorker covers... they always try to use an original artist/cover

Sara said...

They do. I mean, i am getting fed up with all the Apple frenzy, but this one is AWESOME. And when you watch the video you will appreciate it even more.