24 May 2009

Casa de las Conchas (Shell House)

It sounds like something by the sea, but it isn’t. It’s a former house now library in Salamanca, with shells on the outside. The house has this name (and decorations) because Rodrigo Maldonado, from the Order of Santiago, had the house built in the early 16th century and the shells were the symbol of the Order.

(© Sara Rodrigues Pereira – “Shell house”)

(© Sara Rodrigues Pereira - Shells)

Inside, to the right, there were these pink mannequins. They were the colour of bubblegum and were about 1.80 m tall. Everyone was taking pictures at the mannequins and with the mannequins.

(© Sara Rodrigues Pereira – Pink Mannequins)

On Friday, there was going to be a concert there (after the library was closed, obviously) and they were just setting the stage ready when we got there. Hugo and Phillip Jenkins (from “The Lisbons”) asked me to take a picture of them sitting on the stage to pretend it was their stage.

(© Sara Rodrigues Pereira)

(© Sara Rodrigues Pereira – The Lisbons – Hugo and Phillip)

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