27 May 2009

Working girl

I finally found a job!

After 1 year of sending out résumés, it finally paid off.

I was already giving English lessons (so not 100% unemployed) and last week I received an e-mail from a translation company asking if I was still interested in a job. They were looking for someone for a position as project manager at the translation company who would later also do some translations. After an exchange of e-mails, they sent me some tests, I did them (somewhat difficult, I must admit) and we scheduled a meeting for Monday.

I thought I did well on the interview and they told me they would call me with an answer on the following they. Positive or negative. (at least that was fast). And they did. They called me on Tuesday and asked me to come in on Wednesday (today). I mean, I'll be interning for 1 year and after that I will be considered an emplyee of the company. The best part is that the internship is paid. 900 € plus 120 € for lunch per month. Not bad! And, of all the translation companies that there are out there in Portugal, I found out that a friend of mine is also working there! Small world.

So, today I went to work. What I do is more technical than creative (translation). I have to answer e-mail and phone call from people who make requests for budgets for translations, put the files through a server, fill in the name of the client and the project, establish a budget and send it to them.
So, I can know be considered as being part of cooperate Portugal.
Iei for me!!!


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Sara! This is great news to hear. I hope you will enjoy it and find your way! :) Good luck!

Sara said...

Great news indeed. I am now more confortable at work, with the software and all. Best wishes for you too.